Who is the Poet in Your Life?

Who Is The Poet In Your Life?

Writing The Landscape

In the Fall of 2012, CAP launched Part I of our poetry initiative, Who is the Poet In Your Life?  We asked audiences, members of the UCLA community and artists on our season to engage with the question in multiple ways.  Activities included open mics; a poetry blog; readings, workshops and panels; a live poetry bureau–and the publication of 2,000 mini-books of original poems.

This season, the program evolves to Phase II: Writing the Landscape. Working with campus partners and select artists on our season, we will explore how the poetic impulse to create art results in an altered landscape–a new view. Watch this page for upcoming activities!

 Visit our Tumblr page at to share your thoughts, recommend a poet, share a poem, or write one yourself. Be surprised, and surprise others. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks to everyone who submitted poems to the 12/13 poetry contest! The selected poems can be viewed here.

Winning poems have also been published in the Poems For All mini-book project.  For more info on Poems For All, click here.