Murray Hidary
MindTravel: An Evening of Music from Composer and Pianist Murray Hidary
With the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra
Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 8PM
The Theatre at Ace Hotel

“As a composer, I ask myself one key question: ‘What would the energy of the universe sound like?' I attempt to give that which is hidden a voice. That abstract sound that lies beyond what we perceive with our senses. An audible silence.”—Murray Hidary

MindTravel is a collective journey for both artist and audience. In his live performances, composer and pianist Murray Hidary transports us on a journey that is at once expansive and transformative. Inspired by Eastern wisdom traditions and theoretical physics, his provocative, improvisational, real-time compositions with the piano and art projections, leave audiences in a state of harmony and clarity. MindTravel has toured revered venues such as Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grace Cathedral, The National Arts Club and festivals including Wanderlust, Carlsbad and Burning Man. Hidary has also pioneered a live "silent" piano headphone MindTravel, creating an immersive outdoor music experience, bringing it to beaches and parks around the U.S. and Europe. He recently scored the music for the documentary REM about iconic architect Rem Koolhaas, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Murray will be joined by Kaleidoscope, LA's conductorless orchestra. Currently in their fourth season, Kaleidoscope has been recognized in the Huffington Post, LA Times, and features some of the leading musicians in Los Angeles.

Photo by Daniel Dearco

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