Hearing Beyond Listening
Hearing Beyond Listening
Poetry Bureau & Listening Lab
Together In One Evening!
Thu, Apr 27 at 7PM
Fri, Apr 28 at 7PM
Royce Hall Terrace

Pre-Show Activities in Connection with Stephin Merritt's, 50 Song Memoir

The Poetry Bureau at CAP UCLA is back, with a poet at each desk.

Fill out a short questionnaire about a memorable moment in your life, and get a customized poem. 

While you're waiting, check out our staff curated "musical moments" song-list at the Listening Lab.

Keep your poem, post it on the poetry wall, or give it as a gift. 

Create a new memory, a typewriter is waiting…

Doors open at 7pm, find the Bureau and the Lab on the Royce Terrace.

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