Salif Keita
Salif Keita
Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 8PM
The Theatre at Ace Hotel

UCLA student tickets go on sale Monday, September 25.

“Africa’s finest and most soulful singer." —The Guardian

Internationally acclaimed vocalist Salif Keita has been a driving force in the Afro-pop movement since the early 1970s when he fled his native country of Mali and resettled in Cote d’Ivoire. A direct descendant of Sunjata Keita, who founded the Malian Empire in 1240, Salif was born with albinism, a sign of extreme bad luck in Mandinka culture, and he was ostracized by his family and left home as a teenager. His choice to become a musician was taboo, as members of the royal caste are forbidden from becoming musicians, a profession generally reserved for the lower jeli (griot) caste. He has traveled the world with his band Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux and recorded with such well-known American musicians as Bobby McFerrin and Esperanza Spalding. In addition to his musical career, he and his wife have started a foundation, the Salif Keita Global Foundation, which advocates for the rights and basic safety of albinos, particularly in Africa, where they are often targets of violence. 

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