"The most powerful composer of our time... what Glass is doing is changing the face of music for our time and all time." -The Daily Telegraph

Join us for a full weekend celebrating Philip Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble in three distinct Royce Hall programs highlighting masterpieces of the composer’s illustrious career.

"There’s a deep conviction that the world of culture has a way articulating some of the most significant qualities of what we human beings are. And we have the great good fortune - everyone who performs- of being a part of a fabric of an expression which tells us something about who we are and what the world is like." - Philip Glass

One of the most celebrated and unique works in Philip Glass’s recent career, his live interpretation of Jean Cocteau’s masterpiece La Belle et la Bête is also his most challenging experiment in synchronizing music with film.

One of the most revolutionary works of composer Philip Glass’s oeuvre comes to Los Angeles for the first time. Music in Twelve Parts is simultaneously a massive theoretical exercise and a deeply engrossing work of art.

Philip Glass unveils his recently completed Etudes, more than 20 years in the making. An introspective portrait, The Etudes is an immersive journey into one composer’s personal soundscape as expressed in the depth and breadth of a single instrument.

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