Deborah Hay
A Platform in Three Parts
A multidisciplinary program that reveals the evolution of a body of choreographies from the score No Time To Fly
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Sat, Oct 15
Sun, Oct 16

Deborah Hay is an internationally renowned dance artist whose unique approach to bodily practice has changed the way we make and view dances. Her commitment to dance as process is as exquisite as it is provoking. Rooted in the ‘60s experimental Judson Dance Theater in New York, Hay’s work has evolved through experimentation that reformulates dancing to include increasingly subtle instances of insight and revelation via less stable instances of being.
My work is served by the notion that there is no single coherent person who dances."
Deborah Hay

Deborah Hay
As Holy Sites Go
Adaptation and Performance
Jeanine Durning and Ros Warby
Sat, Oct 15 at 4:30pm
Sun, Oct 16 at 4:30pm

Hay’s solo, No Time to Fly, was the basis for a trio, As Holy Sites Go, commissioned for Motion Bank (Frankfurt), a virtual library of aesthetics created by the Forsythe Company. Jeanine Durning and Ros Warby will perform their adaptations of No Time to Fly, within the context of Hay’s choreography of As Holy Sites Go/duet

Deborah Hay
Cullberg Ballet
Figure a Sea
Sat, Oct 15 at 8pm
Sun, Oct 16 at 8pm

One of Europe’s most dynamic ballet companies returns to UCLA for the first time in 14 years continuing on the foundation laid by Deborah Hay’s score No Time to Fly. Their work Figure a Sea brings together Cullberg Ballet’s dancers in a masterful meeting between Deborah Hay and maverick composer Laurie Anderson. 

Setting a digital transcription of the No Time to Fly /duet on a full ballet company, Hay expands As Holy Sites Go into this 21-person adaptation. "Figure a Sea is a meditation on seeing. Seeing music, fleeting incidences, synchronicities, copious input points, collectivity, surprise. It is a space for self-reflection: for seeing oneself seeing,” says Deborah Hay of the work.