written & created by Abigail Browde & Michael Silverstone
Executive Producer: Thomas O. Kriegsmann / ArKtype
Line Producer: Cynthia J. Tong
Dramaturg & Project Design: Andrew Kircher
Part One: A Phone Call Sound Design: Stanley Mathaban
Part I:
Sun, Dec 6, 2020
Sun, Dec 13, 2020
Sun, Jan 24, 2021
Parts II & III: TBD
Limit: 150

Thank you for your interest in participating in 600 HIGHWAYMEN: A Thousand Ways (Part One: A Phone Call). We are fully booked for these performances and we are unable to accommodate more sign ups. If you would like to reach us or learn more about our upcoming shows in CAP UCLA's 2020-2021 season, please contact: info@cap.ucla.edu

“[600 HIGHWAYMEN is] one of New York’s best nontraditional theater companies” – The New Yorker

Since 2009 Michael Silverstone and Abigail Browde, working under the moniker 600 HIGHWAYMEN, have created a body of work that explores the relationship between spectator and performer. Though the processes are varied, each project revolves around the same idea—what occurs in the encounter between people. They operate at an intersection of social practice, civic event, and theater.  

A Thousand Ways is a three-part work of theater that was conceived and created to arc across COVID-19 distancing—Part I is a phone conversation, Part II is a socially-distanced encounter and Part III is a public convening once it’s safe to do so. In each part, you are both the actor and the audience. Your words, actions, gestures, silence, thoughts, and willingness are the tools. 
With just two people, a telephone, a table, and a stack of cards, a new type of theater emerges—one in which the most intimate assembly can be profoundly radical.  

Part One: A Phone Call – Pick up the phone. Someone is on the line. You don’t know their name, and you still won’t when the hour is over, but as you follow the recorded instructions, a portrait of your partner will emerge through fleeting moments of exposure. 

Part Two: An EncounterNested at the center of an empty space is a small table bisected by glass. You sit at the table, opposite a stranger, with a stack of index cards, a handful of objects, and a set of instructions to guide you. What will come from this? It is a chance at being heard, a brave moment to show up. 

Part Three: An AssemblyWhen we are ready, when it is safe, we will be together again. All of us who have met across phone lines and through glass panes will come together for the final act of this experience, co-created by all of us. It will feel new, and a bit scary, but that’s ok.

All events will be held in Pacific time. Please note that participating in parts two and three of this experience will require attendance in-person, when state health guidelines allow for it.

This production was commissioned by The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, Stanford Live at Stanford University, and Festival Theaterformen, and was originally commissioned and co-conceived by Temple Contemporary at Temple University, USA. A Phone Call (Part One) was developed in partnership with On the Boards production and technical teams. Original support for the production was provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Philadelphia.

Photo by Maria Baranova

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