Ten Million Aphorists in Search of a City
Ten Million Aphorists in Search of a City
The Ambassador post-performance discussion
Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 9:30PM
Freud Playhouse

Join us for a post-performance discussion after Gabriel Kahane’s The Ambassador, focusing on “quotable Los Angeles," moderated by Libros Schmibros founder David Kipen

Kipen will be joined by  Kahane, L.A. Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne and author Richard Rayner to discuss obscure and well-known literary references to Los Angeles —and examine which quotes get it right, which ones get it wrong, and which ones deserve more recognition that they’ve previously received.

Can’t make it to The Ambassador? Join us anyway – doors will open to all following the performance at approximately 9:15pm.

From Christopher Hawthorne’s liner notes to The Ambassador album:

“Everybody knows that the best way to understand Los Angeles is through the windshield of a car. Everybody knows that the best way to understand Los Angeles is on foot. Everybody knows that the best way to understand Los Angeles is from one of the terraces of the Griffith Observatory. From a bike. From a seat on the Blue Line south of Rosecrans Avenue. From a helicopter.

Everybody knows. Among the most surprising and appealing things about Los Angeles is that, in fact, nobody does. The scholars of L.A. and Southern California most worth reading and re-reading, living or dead - acerbic Louis Adamic in the 1920s, myth-crushing Morrow Mayo in the 1930s, clear-eyed Carey McWIlliams in the 1940s, later Esther McCoy, Reyner, Banham, Anna Deavere Smith, David Brodsly, William Deverell, William Alexander McClung, David Ulin, Gustavo Arellano and Mike Davis - have all found a way to express some version of the same idea, that what defines Los Angeles is its unwillingness to sit still for portraits of any kind.”

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