Memory RingsPre Show Activities
Memory Rings
Pre-Show Activities
Branching Out:
Artists Look At Nature
Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 6:30PM
Sat, Apr 9, 2016 at 1PM & 6:30PM
Freud Playhouse

Join Us in the Freud Courtyard before the Show!

—Sound Installation: Years by Bart Traubeck
Adapted from artist Bart Traubeck's sound project, seven trees in the inner and outer courtyard will have small speakers, each playing music derived from specific tree rings. In addition, three albums made by the artist (vinyl on one side, wood on the other) will be on display and playing on a phonograph.

—Wish Birds
On-site art-making station: Come early and devise a hanging paper bird with poetry/wishes as wings. Add your Wish Bird to a courtyard tree, or give it to someone else in the audience as a gift. All materials will be provided.

Tree Lines
Exhibit featuring words and art of the bristlecone pine forest from the soon to be published book, Tree Lines by Valerie and Michael Cohen.

—Pop-Up Library: The Center's Pop-Up Library, usually situated in Royce Hall moves to the Freud Courtyard with a specially themed version featuring books, links, publications and other materials about sustainability, the environment, and other relevant research. Presented with advice from our colleagues at the UCLA Institute for the Environment and Sustainability: IoES.

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