Available On Demand
Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 7PM PDT
Through May 31, 2021

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“The group mixes everything from punk-pop to traditional Ukrainian songs in cool yet beguiling textures, often with the close harmonies usually associated with Balkan music. But it’s really the live shows that take DakhaBrakha beyond mere curiosity to utter brilliance.” — NPR

DakhaBrakha is a quartet from Kyiv, Ukraine. Reflecting fundamental elements of sound and soul, Ukrainian “ethno-chaos” band DakhaBrakha create a world of unexpected new music. The name DakhaBrakha means “give/take” in the old Ukrainian language and it reflects their resilience and philosophy. Having experimented with Ukrainian folk music, the band added rhythms of the surrounding world into their music to create their own unique and original style.

Accompanied by Indian, Arabic, African and Russian traditional instrumentation, the quartet’s astonishingly powerful and uncompromising vocal range creates a sound rooted in Ukrainian culture and ethos. Firmly rooted at the crossroads of Ukrainian folklore and theater, DakhaBrakha’s musical spectrum is both intimate and riotous, plumbing the depths of traditional and contemporary roots and rhythms, inspiring “cultural and artistic liberation.” DakhaBrakha is a gift that is unforgettable and rare.

Photo Credit: Vitaliy Vorobyov

Funds provided by the José Luis Nazar Endowment for the Performing Arts.

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