Demonstration Performance Nano Stern
Demonstration Performance
Nano Stern

Grades 9-12
Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 11AM
The Theatre at Ace Hotel

Political, outspoken and passionate, Chilean singer-songwriter and activist Nano Stern has created his own musical language .  His unique sound blends the youthful exuberance of folk music, with years of classical and jazz training all set against a the cultural backdrop of traditional Chilean revolutionary songs.  

At home in Santigo, Stern learned to play the violin as a small child, and went on to play in folk rock banks as a teenager, studying music composition in college before heading off to Europe to explore more musical possibilities. Layering indigenous African, European and North and South American musical influences, Stern's songs reverberate with a soulfulness and originality unlike any other South American artist performing today.

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