En Garde Arts: Basetrack Live
A multimedia performance experience

Created by Edward Bilous, Starring Ashley Bloom and Tyler LaMarr
Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 8PM
Royce Hall

Basetrack Live draws on the power of individual stories to examine the collective experience of those who have served in America’s longest war. Adapted from the wildly popular Facebook page and website of photographs and videos taken in Afghanistan by embedded journalist Teru Kuwayama, Basetrack is a multidisciplinary work at the intersection of theater, music, new media, journalism and technology. 

Two actors perform verbatim texts from servicemen and their families.

An electro-acoustic score is performed throughout with a DJ/VJ triggering a cascade of images that inhabit the stage. Basetrack uses theater as a bridge between the military community and the broader public to spark a conversation about the legacy of war upon our veterans, their families and the American public.

Co-composed by Edward Bilous, Michelle DiBucci & Greg Kalember
Directed by Seth Bockley
Adapted by Jason Grote
Music Direction by Michelle DiBucci
Performance Technology Design by William David Fastenow
Lighting Design by Paul Hudson
Set Design by Paul Wertenbaker
Costume Design by Claudia Brown

Production Stage Manager Heather Patterson
Production Management by Aurora Productions
Executive Producer Anne Hamburger

Based on the website One-Eight Basetrack launched by Teru Kuwayama with his photographs and videos and those by Balazs Gardi and Tivadar Domaniczky.

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