Karen Sherman
Karen Sherman
Soft Goods
Sat, Oct 7, 2017 at 8PM
Freud Playhouse

UCLA student tickets go on sale Monday, September 25.

“Sherman is one of the most daring and insightful artists working in our community, and she creates work that is not only relevant to our time but memorable.”

Minneapolis City Pages

Karen Sherman makes performances that incorporate her background in dance, writing, theater, music, and the handyman arts. Her diverse background, as well as over two decades of experience working in nearly every facet of arts production as a technical director, production manager, stage technician and scenic/sound designer, informs each aspect of her artwork. Though primarily situated in the dance world, her interdisciplinary work resists orthodoxy and is known for its inventiveness, wit and nuanced complexity. Her newest piece, Soft Goods, an examination of the lives lived backstage, illuminates the lonesomeness of theaters, the spectral beauty of a lighting focus, the choreography of labor, the labor of dance and the human hand behind stage art. Created in collaboration with an ensemble of stage technicians and dancers, and structured as a live load-in and technical rehearsal for a performance that never happens, Soft Goods is a meditation on work, life, loss and occupational self-obliteration.

Photo by Sean Smuda

Funded in part by the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) through the National Dance Project and the National Performance Network (NPN).

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