Jennifer Koh Dav ne Tines
Jennifer Koh & Davóne Tines
Everything Rises
Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 8PM PT
Royce Hall

“Davóne and I are in this together. He gives me space and hears me because he knows what it’s like to be a minority.” – Jennifer Koh

Recognized for her intense, commanding performances, delivered with dazzling virtuosity and technical assurance, Grammy-winning violinist Jennifer Koh is a forward-thinking artist dedicated to exploring a broad and eclectic repertoire while promoting diversity and inclusivity in classical music. 

Davóne Tines, deemed a “…singer of immense power and fervor…” by the Los Angeles Times and a “...charismatic, full-voiced bass-baritone...” by The New York Times, is building an international career commanding a broad spectrum of opera and concert performance. 

Their collaboration, Everything Rises, was born from their shared desire to understand themselves as the children and descendants of refugees and slaves. By juxtaposing their family histories and examining how these influenced their artistry and development, Koh and Tines reveal a universal history shared by the excluded and marginalized.

Funds provided by Fariba Ghaffari, Kathleen & John Quisenberry, the Kevin Jeske Young Artist Fund and the NEA Challenge Grant Endowment.

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