Rebecca Solnit in Conversation with Jon Christensen
Rebecca Solnit in Conversation with
Jon Christensen
Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 8PM
Royce Hall

"No writer has better understood the mix of fear and possibility, peril and exuberance that's marked this new millennium." —Bill McKibben, founder of

Writer, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit is the author of 20 books, among them are The Mother of All Questions, Hope in the Dark, Men Explain Things to Me, A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities that Arise in Disaster, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, and River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West. Called “the voice of the resistance” by The New York Times Magazine, she has emerged as an essential guide to our times through incisive commentary on feminism, violence, ecology, hope and everything in between. 

In her new book Call Them by Their True Names, Solnit turns her attention to the war at home, a war “with so many casualties that we should call it by its true name, this war with so many dead by police, by violent ex-husbands and partners and lovers, by people pursuing power and profit at the point of a gun or just shooting first and figuring out who they hit later.” To get to the root of these American crises, she contends that we must “acknowledge this state of war [and] admit the need for peace,” countering the despair of our age with solidarity, creativity and hope. 

Solnit will be in conversation with Jon Chistensen, UCLA professor and journalist-in-residence at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and a founder of the Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS).

Read Solnit's open letter to Christine Blasey Ford.

Funds provided by the Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Lectureship Fund.

Rebecca Solnit Photo Credit: Adrian Mendoza

Jon Christensen Photo Credit: Ursula K. Heise 

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