Newton s Nonet
Newton's Nonet!
An Interactive, Multi-Media Performance
Thu, Nov 3 at 7pm
Royce Terrace

Join us on the Royce Terrace before Antonio Sanchez for this interactive multi-media performance. Drummer Tim Zhou (a UCLA Global Jazz Studies major), will perform a series of percussive improvisations alongside the Gravity Synth. A machine created by artists Miller Klitsner and Dylan Karlsson, the Gravity Synth is a large ambient synthesizer that uses the inertia of a series of giant Newton's cradles to build its harmonies. Audience members are encouraged to swing and stop the objects hanging from each cradle and experiment with the different sounds during the performance.

The music begins at 7pm, and Terrace events are free for the UCLA community. $15 student tickets for Antonio Sanchez & Bad Hombre at 8pm will be available at the door. Join us under the stars and we look forward to seeing you!

Co-Presented with SCA: Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA

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