Sergio Mendes Bebel Gilberto
Sergio Mendes & Bebel Gilberto
The 60th Anniversary of Bossa Nova
Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 8PM
Royce Hall

“[Sergio Mendes is] the man who put go-go boots on Brazilian music and brought it to the world.” —Billboard

“Bebel Gilberto has carved her own distinct niche [while staying] true to her roots, she staunchly refuses to be pinned down to one genre, much less one continent.” —The Adelaide Review

The legendary Sergio Mendes is one of the most internationally successful Brazilian artists of all time. A triple Grammy winner and one of the prime architects of the bossa nova revolution in the 1960s, he came to international stardom with his iconic band Brasil ’66. World renowned singer-songwriter Bebel Gilberto has been enchanting fans and critics worldwide since her solo debut release in 1986. She belongs to a family that is considered musical royalty in Brazil—her father, João Gilberto, was one of the most iconic figures of Brazilian music and one of the creators of bossa nova and her mother is the famous singer Miúcha. These two legendary Brazilian powerhouses come together at Royce Hall to present a memorable evening of new work and old favorites. 

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Funds provided by The Evelyn and Mo Ostin Endowment for the Performing Arts and the José Luis Nazar Endowment for the Performing Arts. 

Bebel Gilberto photo by Vicente de Paulo

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