Making Art In Times of Crisis
Making Art In Times of Crisis
A Conversation
Michelle Liu Carriger and Pavithra Prasad
Wed, Oct 21 at 5PM PDT

In conjunction with our presentation of Table Top Shakespeare, we're working with artists and scholars to dig deeper into issues that have relevance to the plays and the period when they were written. There were five major outbreaks of plague in Shakespeare's lifetime, theaters were closed to the public, the sick were "sealed" into their homes—or confined to special hospitals, ships were prohibited from docking, and the rich fled the cities for the country. Artists have always responded to crisis, in the 15th century and now. When crisis becomes the norm, how does this constant state of duress effect how artists conceptualize and make work? 

Michelle Liu Carriger is an assistant professor at UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television, specializing in the historiography of theater, performance and everyday life, with special focus on gender, race and sexuality. Read more about Michelle here.

Pavithra Prasad is a writer, scholar, and performer working at the intersection of text, voice, and performance art. Her mixed-method research and performances call forward visions of South Asian futurism and global anti-racist coalition. She teaches at California State University, Northridge. Read more about Pavithra here.

Join us at 5pm for a discussion about making art in times of crisis, and if it helps, bring your favorite beverage. 

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