The Marias
The Marias
w/ Special Guest Jasper Bones
and UCLA student opener Sahara Grim
Wed, May 29, 2019 at 8PM
Royce Hall

The Student Committee for the Arts presents The Marias, live at Royce Hall. Formed in Los Angeles in late 2016, The Marías are the psychedelic-soul lovechild of LA native, Josh Conway and Puerto Rican-bred, Atlanta-raised María. A smooth rendezvous of jazz percussion, hypnotic guitar riffs, smoke-velvet vocals and nostalgic horn solos, there’s something undeniably sensual in the group’s dreamlike fusion of jazz, psychedelia, funk and lounge. 

With María on lead vocals and Josh on drums, the couple is joined by their closest friends and fellow musicians. On guitar, Jesse Perlman, born and bred of LA, with ‘tones that can melt steel,’ say his bandmates. On bass, Canadian born and Berklee trained Carter Lee. On keys, Edward James.

As they take to the stage, dressed like a dream from another era – it’s clear why fans cheekily compare their sound to ‘having sex in the 70s’ or like ‘pouring cream into coffee.’ Watching them, you feel transported, taken over by a sultry tranquility as you drift into a timeless space.

They released their first EP, titled Superclean Vol. I, in the fall of 2017, and followed by Superclean Vol. II in late 2018.


Music is a catalyst of enhancing mood and when it comes to chill, laid-back nights, no one seems to enhance the mood better than L.A.’s 19-year old Jasper Bones with his trademark “Chicano wavy-soul.” The artist’s forthcoming six-song EP, Cruise Control (due in fall 2019)--which sees Bones wearing the hats of writer, performer and producer--marks the first collection of music to be released since he dropped his debut single in 2017.

Bones’ latest single, “Someone Like You,” highlights his romanticized lyrics and musicality to create an atmosphere of relatable longing. He’s already caught the ears of Los Angeles Times music critic Randall Roberts who appointed him as “one of a number of Southern California gentleman romancers,” adding: “Bones is devoted to love songs and isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability.” 


Sahara Grim will share original compositions from her upcoming EP, Abstracted. Her songs touch on messages of self-empowerment, spirituality, and nature. Sahara's dreamy sound blends an array of genres such as jazz, Neo-soul, and world music.

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