The People Speak
The People Speak
Available On Demand
Recorded live in Los Angeles and New York

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The People Speak, produced by Anthony Arnove, co-editor with the late historian Howard Zinn of Voices of a People’s History of the United States, brings to life the extraordinary history of the people who built the movements that ended slavery and Jim Crow, protested wars and the genocide of Native Americans, created unions and the eight-hour work day, and advanced women’s rights and LGBTQ liberation. 

Featuring the words and songs of rebels, dissenters and visionaries from our past and present, Arnove has directed stage and television versions of The People Speak in Dublin with Stephen Rea, in London with Colin Firth, and across the United States with various arts groups, including Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Sundance Film Festival. The CAP UCLA presentation will feature Marisa Tomei, Morgan Spector, Staceyann Chin, Martha Redbone with Aaron Whitby, and others.  

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