Ursa Major
Ursa Major
UCLA Student Jazz Quartet
Sun, Oct 16 at 6pm

Join us on the Royce Terrace before Branford Marsalis for a set by Ursa Major. A quartet of UCLA Jazz students, the band is: 

Zane St. Andre Jackson—5th year senior, Global Jazz Studies
Caden Potter—3rd year, Global Jazz Studies
Tim Zhou3rd year, Global Jazz Studies

Connor Gilbert—2nd year, Global Jazz Studies

"We are dedicated to performing our own compositions along with fresh interpretations of the music we love. We aspire to be part of the rich lineage of jazz musicians who have contributed to the art form by honoring the tradition and taking it in exciting new directions."

The music begins at 6pm, and Terrace events are free for the UCLA community. $15 student tickets for Branford Marsalis at 7pm will be available at the door. Join us under the stars and we look forward to seeing you!

Co-Presented with SCA: Student Committee for the Arts at UCLA

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