Zakir Hussain & Rahul Sharma
Sat, Apr 29, 2017 at 8PM
Royce Hall

“[Hussain is] a fearsome technician but also a whimsical inventor, devoted to exuberant play."

The New York Times

Renowned santoor player Rahul Sharma and one of the finest tabla players in the world, Zakir Hussain, are teaming up yet again. The two virtuosos, beloved in India and around the world, have collaborated before on several projects including a live recording.

Zakir Hussain’s playing is marked by uncanny intuition and masterful improvisational dexterity, founded in formidable knowledge and study. Rahul Sharma learned music and the Santoor from his father, Guru Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, who is a music legend in India and throughout the world. Rahul’s father has been instrumental in bringing this little-known instrument from the valleys of Kashmir and introducing it to the Indian Classical Music World. Sharma is one of India’s most prolific musicians, with over 60 released albums spanning a career of 15 years.

Check out the recent article in India West about these two artists coming together for this Allarakha Tribute Concert.

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