Artist Inquiries

UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance focuses our curatorial attention on contemporary artists in the discipline areas of dance, theater and music in addition to cross-disciplinary forms. We are also active in the areas of spoken word, live poetry, visual art and digital practices, and productions that examine the pressing topical concerns in contemporary society. Our programming is international in scope and profile, featuring local, national and internationally based artists and their creative collaborators.

The Center’s annual season is determined approximately 1 – 2 years in advance. The artists, productions and concerts featured are selected by the Artistic Director, rather than by a committee or through an open application process. We do not hold auditions. The majority of the performances that we present have been seen in their entirety, and/or the Director has an extensive knowledge of the artist’s previous work. The programming staff are also active in seeing work and making recommendations for inclusion.

Most of the performances take place in UCLA’s iconic Royce Hall which is an 1800-seat proscenium stage. Productions requiring a more intimate stage are presented in alternative theater and concert venues on campus, pending their availability.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I introduce you to my work?

After researching what we present and the artistry we emphasize through our programming, if you determine that there is a match between what we do and what you do, you are welcome to send us a description of your work, a bio, and information about your upcoming performances.

We receive hundreds of unsolicited requests by artists, agents, managers and producers annually. These are outside of those that we have invited, or are already in the advanced planning stages to present. As such, we do not undertake regular reviews of unsolicited material and press kits that we receive by mail, and discourage artists from sending collateral material and work samples without advance discussion.

The programming staff and the Artistic Director travel extensively and it would be important for us to see your work live. Frequently, artists that we have worked with make introductions to the work of other artists, and we have an extensive network of colleague institutions that we also develop projects with nationally and internationally. We welcome advocacy from all of the above, and it helps us locate your work in context.

I’m a fantastic teacher, can I offer classes to UCLA students?

While we are part of UCLA, we are not an academic department. Where possible, we seek ways to interconnect visiting artists to the academic and research life of UCLA as broadly as possible - but we are not part of the academic appointment processes. If you are interested in a teaching appointment, we encourage you to contact the academic departments directly.

I am a playwright – can I send you my script? I am a composer – can I send you my music?

The Center presents completed productions in contemporary theater, as well as many other art forms, that are “tour ready.” We are not a producing organization that specializes in bringing an initial concept from the page into a full production for the stage. The same is true for music composers who operate without an ensemble or band to perform the material live. Most of the projects or productions under consideration have advanced to the point of having a fully developed technical rider, the associated backline, and principle artists/performers in place.

Who can I talk to about your residency program?

Resident artists are invited to the Center when we can support their creative development and non-tech rehearsal periods. We offer a maximum of six weeks in our rehearsal space, which is best suited to artists that are in the early phase of development. We do not have technical equipment nor production personnel assigned to the space, and residency periods are limited to a maximum of six artists/creative teams per year. For information, please contact Meryl Friedman at