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SCA UCLA Executive Board 2021-22

The Student Committee for the Arts (SCA) supports and encourages awareness of, and participation in, the arts on the UCLA campus and provides UCLA students with discounted tickets for prime seats to CAP UCLA performances. UCLA students care about art and culture whether they are majoring in it or not. 

SCA collaborates with CAP UCLA staff to gain practical experience in professional arts administration and provide student artists with outlets to showcase their work. The committee also programs a series of pre-show concerts on the Royce Hall Terrace, curated to compliment and celebrate the artists on the CAP UCLA main stage. SCA Terrace Series events are always free and open to all.

Introducing the SCA Board

Greetings! As a committee, we wanted to take some time to introduce the SCA board of directors for the 2021-22 school year. We are so excited to be back together in person this year and are looking forward to working with CAP UCLA to continue programming events for the student body.

Ashla Chavez-Razzano (she/her), Executive Co-Director

Art History Major & Professional Writing Minor | 4th year

“This year, I envision a very triumphant return to campus with new arts programming for the student body, along with more professional training for the members of SCA. We are excited to give committee members the chance to realize the ideas they’ve developed over quarantine, and celebrate the importance of community during our first year back!

I am looking forward to the live, interactive events that will be taking place on campus this year. From the ongoing Dinner with an Artist series, to creative writing workshops and zine fests, it will be a dream to experience the tangible excitement of CAP UCLA events as they elevate the creative electricity of campus in real time!”

Roma Edwards (she/her), Executive Co-Director

World Arts and Culture Major & FTVDM Minor | 2nd year 

“My vision for SCA is to have a committee where all members feel comfortable sharing their ideas and putting on creative events. I also hope that we can put on more interdisciplinary events that bring together student artists from different fields. Additionally, I hope to increase the visibility of SCA, because I am really proud of the work we do, and I want more people on campus to have access to our events and the funding that we provide.

I am most excited to collaborate with CAP UCLA on Soundwalk, which is a location-specific app that plays music composed for different parts of campus. I love this self reflective and nature-based concept, and I can’t wait to promote it. We were thinking of having a soundwalk week where we program wellness walks and student dance performances to go along with the app, and this is exactly the type of experimental and interdisciplinary event that I love to work on.”

Jenny Elliott (she/her), Marketing Director

Communications Major & FTVDM Minor | 3rd year

“Having everyone back on campus has been a very exciting yet overwhelming experience. I am looking forward to hosting in-person events this year and being able to involve more of the UCLA community.

I am very excited about Ellen Reid Soundwalk coming to campus!! I am glad that we are bringing it to UCLA and can’t wait to tune in. I am also hoping to again collaborate with CAP UCLA to see what we can do with our student ‘Passport’ membership program this year.”


B Munro Thompson (they/she), Programming Director

World Arts and Cultures Major & Visual and Performing Arts Education Minor | 5th year

“For this year I hope we can bring the arts to campus in a big way with exciting events new and old. I’m really excited to try to bring a zine fest to UCLA, hopefully collaborating with all the magazines and literary organizations on campus. I hope to collaborate with CAP UCLA through plenty of SCA pre-shows.”



Max Gordy (he/him), Education and Outreach Co-Director

Political Science Major & Urban and Regional Studies Minor | 4th year 

“I’m excited to work on bringing students from a wide range of disciplines and communities across campus into SCA and CAP UCLA events.

I’m hoping to work with CAP and its resources to use the arts as a tool to strengthen the social and physical student community at UCLA. I’m also looking forward to defining places on and off campus as accessible to students through visual and performance art. I think we at SCA and CAP UCLA have an opportunity to rebuild connections between arts programs and the student body as the demand for in-person programming is becoming higher than ever.”


Andrew Checchia (he/him), Social Chair

English Major & Food Studies Minor | 3rd year

“Returning to campus has breathed new life and energy into SCA. Now we have the chance to spotlight all the hard work artists put in during the pandemic and capitalize on the excitement of an in person campus. Our committee has the opportunity to help our community process these intense months of shared pandemic experience, which means bringing the best and most immediate art to a whole new group of motivated people.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with CAP having learned so many lessons from digital programming. I think a reckoning with our modern online landscape was a long time coming for most event planners. While in person is certainly preferable, I look forward to learning from CAP UCLA’s efforts to market, engage, and execute compelling programming over the internet.”

Congratulations are also in order for SCA’s new Education and Outreach Co-Director Isabella Bustanoby and Design Director Maya Lu!

Visit SCA’s website for more information on the organization and — if you’re currently a UCLA student — to find out how you can get involved.