Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer Sept. 20, 2014-Royce Hall

Our unsigned editorial message from the house program notes. 

Welcome to the first performance of the CAP UCLA 2014-2015 season.

It’s been a long hot summer and we couldn’t be more delighted that the time has come to once again gather with you, our audience to witness another extraordinary moment in the art of performance.

Tonight we come together to experience the craft of two MacArthur geniuses, a pair of master performers and composers who have each, throughout their expansive careers, irrevocably and delightfully re-framed the ways in which music lovers get to experience the potential of their chosen instruments.

The ongoing creative intersection between Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile is a testament to the power of collaboration. Their appetite for exploring the possibilities of the language of the bass and mandolin has resulted in an utterly unique musical vernacular. And tonight, we get to sit back and enjoy witnessing one of the most compelling conversations in instrumental music, a meeting of hearts and minds through the strings and keys and hands of these two astonishing artists.

It’s a powerful thing, this sense of music as a dialogue, a means of communicating and connecting with one another. It’s also an extremely fitting way to begin our season program, which at its core, is a profound means of conveying thoughts and ideas from artists and audiences.

We are proud to kick off our season tonight in collaboration with some talented instrumentalists from our immediate community. Thank you to the artists from the UCLA Bluegrass Band for hosting a rousing pre-show concert and jam session on the Royce Terrace this evening.

We will gather in such a way often as the season progresses and we hope you will join us often as we celebrate the great artistry of the performers on our upcoming season, in ways that weave us together as a community of cultural omnivores. We’re committed to creating moments that instigate dialogue, provoke curiosity and enhance the art-filled potential of us all.

Thank you for being here tonight. Enjoy.