Connect Four

Hello friends,

Today is the last day of our 2010-11 subscription drive, woohoo!  TONS of you have taken advantage of our amazing new deals for subscribers – THANK YOU!

For everyone else, you have a few more hours to pick up any one of our series and save a HEFTY 20% or choose your own series with ANY FOUR SHOWS and save 15% before tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, August 9th.

If you’re on the fence, we highly recommend the Choose Your Own Series, because it allows you to sample something of everything by picking any 4 shows while still getting the advantages of subscribing:  priority seating, big savings and ticket exchange privileges.

We realize it can be tough to navigate all the cool stuff on the season, so we asked our friends over at the Hammer and Fowler Museums for their picks. Check ’em out…

Jennifer Gould, Marketing Manager at the HAMMER Museum recommends:

Helios Dance Theater: Beautiful Monsters
Helios is an LA treasure, and with an original score by Paul Cantelon (The Diving Bell & Butterfly), it’s going to be an incredible evening. Some examples of their previous works:

Yes Men Live
Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno are my heroes. They’ll be yours too.

The Onion Editors
I’m so excited about this! The Onion editors were featured in an episode of This American Life a few years back, which documented the process of narrowing down 600 potential headlines to the hilarious 16 that actually appeared in the weekly edition. Check it out:

David Sedaris
An obvious choice. He’s so amazing in person.

Stacey Ravel Abarbanel, Director of Marketing and Communications – Fowler Museum at UCLA recommends:
Dengue Fever: The Lost World (1925)

A little-known Dengue rocked the Fowler amphitheater in 2006 at the party we held to celebrate the opening of our long-term exhibition Intersections: World Arts, Local Lives. We had a hard time prying people away to the dinner going on upstairs, so enchanting was the lovely Chhom Nimol and her Cambodian-inflected rocker cohorts. I’d love a chance to see and hear how they’ve matured as artists.

Richard Thompson featuring Harry Shearer, Pete Zorn & special guests Cabaret of Souls
Just one week after Dengue Fever, but I can’t resist this combo of legendary musicians and impresarios in what sounds like a funny yet thoughtful musical theater reckoning.

Ghazal: Kayhan Kalhor, Shujaat Husain Khan & Samir Chatterjee
A couple of years ago my brother sent me Ghazal’s CD Rain, and I was smitten. This music is so intricate, at times measured and soothing, then pulsing with excitement. See these masters live? Absolutely.

Stephen Petronio Dance Company
I Drink The Air Before Me sounds like a stirring new production.  I can’t wait to check it out.

So head on over to the calendar, connect the dots and pick your four today!