How do artists effect change?

The Tune In Festival

Ahead of The Tune In Festival we asked the artists, “how do artists effect change?”

“They breathe purpose. They are Healers. For example, the author of We Want Our Bodies Back, jessica Care moore, affectionately known as Detroit Butterfly, is not only an Apollo Legend, whose words are celebrated worldwide, she is a pillar in the poetry community. In her set she shares her latest work of art, Wild Beauty, where she not only gives love a new perspective, but also dances with the tug of war that love often presents,” said J. Ivy, performance poet and co-curator.

“Art takes us where linear thinking cannot. While we all find our own relevance in the experience, none of us is spared from catharsis. Extremes in contrast. We live for the experience of extremes, and assume responsibility for the consequences,” said Matthew Duvall, Eighth Blackbird Percussionist and Artistic Director.

“Artists effect change in so, so many different ways. I feel that artists have the ability to take very complex messages and crystallize them into one piece or one project or one experience that can communicate to people in ways that just words or just research can’t. They can create something and just distill the very essence of a situation or an emotion for an audience member to really be moved by and to change from that experience,” said Anthony R. Greene, composer and musician.

Come celebrate the power of protest and resilience found in music and poetry with all 30 ensembles and poets this Thursday through Sunday at CAP UCLA Online.