Message from the Artist: 600 HIGHWAYMEN

Dear Audience,

Thank you so much for calling in and making this performance with us. Without you, the performance is just a series of empty instructions and unanswered questions. While the inspiration for this project came long before COVID was a word any of us knew, it is this inability to be physically close that has fueled our curiosity for how to find our way together again. It is not hyperbole to say that we cannot do this project without you. And because of that, we are very grateful that you have contributed to its life.

This phone call is the first of a three-part project. We hope you will return to experience the second and third installments, which will occur in the year ahead. The second and third parts (‘An Encounter’ and ‘An Assembly”) exist in shared (and safe) physical space, and will continue the trajectory as we collectively travel the course of this unexpected year.

Until we meet again!

—Abby & Michael, 600 HIGHWAYMEN