Message from the Artist: Bill Frisell

…………….Bill Frisell & Julian Lage Duo

I’m not sure what to say. I can’t tell you what Julian and I will play. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I’m not comfortable trying to put into words what goes on in the music. The last thing I want to do is pin it down. I don’t want to pick it apart. The place I want to be, where the music is REALLY happening, is that place where I DON’T know what’s happening. Mystery. I’m hoping for that. Joy. I think joy is a good word. When you listen to Julian there is joy. There is joy and light coming off of him. When we play together there is joy. There is trust. We can take chances. Help each other. He allows me to go out on a limb and find something new. I hope I can do that for him as well.

The world has gone nuts. I feel so lucky we get to go all over the place and play music. Music saves me. Everything makes sense when we’re in the music. My hope is that people listening can come along with us, get in on it, and it will become contagious. We’ve got to stick together and listen to one another. Everything is going to be ok.

— Bill Frisell