Message from the Artist: Marike Splint on Among Us—UCLA

Among Us is an investigation into the relationship to the public spaces we inhabit, and the people we share those spaces with. An attempt to refocus our gaze on what we may not notice as we move through our daily routines.

This is the fifth iteration of the project. Previous versions have taken place on a pastoral field, in a train station, on a beach pier and in an urban city center. Every new version is specifically tailored to its new location, integrating local research, soundscapes, and a structure designed around the specific geography of the site. Every new location affects the work, and the questions that come from it, directly.

Embedding this work in a university campus, which in a way operates much like a small village, has been a particularly interesting process. The university is inherently a place tasking itself to reflect on the world, on who we are and how we operate  as a society. It is a site that carries that responsibility at its very core. The question then becomes how we follow up on that responsibility. I am deeply grateful for the invitation from CAP UCLA to create this version of Among Us in a place in which the questions of the work are so strongly resonating.

—Marike Splint