The entire Tune In Festival is on demand now!

Visionary poet Sunni Patterson said it best when she introduced her set at The Tune In Festival on November 5th, “I’m grateful everyday.” We are grateful for you all. We’re grateful to bring you artists of different backgrounds, places and experiences and to always be discovering something — or someone — new.

If you watched The Tune In Festival this year on CAP UCLA Online, thank you. If you want another chance to catch it, the full festival is available to stream now through Wednesday, December 15. After December 15, excerpts from the festival lineup will be available periodically on our Channel.

It’s the perfect season to invite friends and family over to turn on and tune into this year’s Tune In Festival. For the most enjoyment, helpful tips on watching from your TV are available through the search on our channel. Tenor Karim Sulayman said, “what’s so wonderful about creating a digital piece is that I can connect with an audience all over.” Help us expand the circle for Karim, Sunni and the dozens of other participating artists.

Thank you to all the supporters who raised their voices and supported the arts during the live run of the festival and those who choose to give during the on demand period. We are always grateful for you.