8 Reasons You Need to See Taylor Mac This Weekend

Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History of Popular Music: The 20th Century Abridged is coming to Royce Hall this Saturday, March 12th at 8PM. If you haven’t already gotten your tickets (which start at $19), here are 8 reasons to do so:

1. Taylor Mac will be costumed for the gods.

Taylor Mac says that drag is wearing on the outside what you are on the inside. Judging by his outlandish costumes, that makes Mac’s insides pretty fabulous. You’ll see some wild and wonderful costumes, created by designer, collaborator, and costuming genius Machine Dazzle. You can read more about their partnership in this interview from Mac’s appearance in Santa Barbara this week. As drag legend RuPaul would say: it’s going to be an eleganza extravaganza.

Taylor Mac Costumes

2. You can turn the party before and after the show!

Our annual MOVEMENT party this year is “Identity in Motion.” Show up early and stay late with us on the Royce Terrace. There will be make-up and makeup artists from Smashbox Cosmetics, a Drag Pop-Up station, music from DJ Manifesto, a photo booth, a runway, and more. Party on, Wayne!


3. No matter your age, you’ll know the songs.

It sucks when you go to a concert, but you can only sing along to that one song that plays on the radio. Not a problem here! Taylor Mac will be taking us on a ride through the 20th Century, so get ready to hear songs you know in a way you’ve never heard them before.

Here’s Taylor Mac’s take on LMFAO’s 2011 hit “Sexy and I Know It”

Sexy and I Know It

4. The local talent is going to slay.

Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles®, the first all-female Mariachi band in America, are the special guests at this event. There will also be appearances from numerous local burlesque artists, in performances choreographed by the sensational Peekaboo Pointe.

Here’s Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles with their version of  the classic “Crazy for Loving You.”


5. You’ll know what his reviews are talking about.

Taylor Mac makes a splash wherever he goes, and the press is catching on. Frontiers has the low-down on his upcoming appearance in LA, The New York Times spilled the beans on a sensational play he wrote recently entitled Hir, and New York Magazine named him as one of the reasons New York theater is thriving.

New York Magazine

6. You’ll look really hip.

We all have one friend who seems to have the low-down on an awesome night out. Be that friend this Saturday. “Oh, Taylor Mac?” you’ll say. “He’s just this radical gender-bending playwright/drag artist/cabaret performer who’s going to deconstruct the music of the 20th Century. He’s all over New York right now. You probably haven’t heard of him.” Your Atwater Village friends will be green with envy.

7. March Madness hasn’t started yet.

The brackets get announced the next day, so don’t even trip like that’s an excuse. Peel yourself out of your lay-z-boy for a night, and come watch a different kind of spectacle. We promise: there’ll be plenty of sweat and cheering here too.

8. One City, One Pride!

The build up to this show has been so special to us. Partnering with WeHo Arts/One City One Pride, Los Angeles LGBT Center, and ONE Archives, we celebrated Drag Angeles at the West Hollywood Library last week. Now it’s our turn to host the party so come show the city your love—and your Pride!