Demonstration Performance Andrew Dawson
Demonstration Performance
Andrew Dawson
Space Panorama
Grades 5-8
Wed, Nov 13 at 10AM & 11:30AM
Thu, Nov 14 at 11:30AM
Fri, Nov 15 at 10AM & 11:30AM
Royce Hall Rehearsal Room


We're at capacity for all 6 performances of Space Panorama and have a waiting list. We can no longer accept reservation requests, but we hope you'll join us at another event instead.

“The scale at which Dawson operates is small but he thinks big. [...] Places, characters and the shifting of focus and scale were all conjured via expressively detailed gesture.” —The Times Of London

Andrew Dawson is a dancer, a theater artist, a puppeteer and, most of all, a storyteller.  Dawson has created his own unique brand of theater using only the finely tuned gestures of his hands and the expressions of his face to act out the details of complex stories. 

Space Panorama tells the story of 1969's Apollo 11 moon landing, taking us from Houston to the moon and back, conveying the colossal distances and the risks involved in this perilous journey simply through the deftness and skilled movement of his hands.

This one-of-kind performance will be held in the Royce Hall Rehearsal Room, transformed into an intimate 100 seat theater.

There will be multiple performances of Space Panorama across three days. Please be sure to select your preferred date and time from the menu when completing the RSVP.  

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