Open Rehearsal: THE DAY

Open Rehearsal: THE DAY

Grades 9-12
Thu, Oct 17 at 10:30AM
Royce Hall

Dancer Wendy Whelan, one of the stars of the New York City Ballet, is widely considered one of the world’s leading ballerinas. Cellist Maya Beiser, a veteran of the world’s most revered stages, has been described as “a force of nature” by The Boston Globe and a “rock star” by Rolling Stone. Together with iconic modern dance choreographer Lucinda Childs and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang, they have joined forces to create an evocative new work entitled THE DAY.

Composer David Lang crowd-sourced the narration, collecting online responses to the prompt "I remember the day I...". Layering these diverse, personal moments with movement and music, THE DAY explores memory, resilience, and the survival of the soul.

Wendy Whelan and Maya Beiser will offer high school students an opportunity to observe a rehearsal and participate in an interactive discussion as the artists prepare for the Royce Hall debut of this beautiful piece. Don’t miss this chance to get a behind the scenes look at these exceptional performers. 

This program is suitable for high school audiences, and would be especially engaging for dance and music students.

Capacity is limited.

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