My Special World Workshop Dr. Craig Woodson
My Special World Workshop
Dr. Craig Woodson
A World Orchestra You Can Build
Grades 3-4
Tue, Mar 12 at 10:30AM
Wed, Mar 13 at 10:30AM
Royce Hall Rehearsal Room

This program is part of our My Special World series of hands-on arts activities for our youngest audiences.

Dr. Craig Woodson is an educator, musician and musical instrument maker with a doctorate in ethnomusicology. This program will introduce students to traditional instruments from around the world, exploring the origins of the instruments and how they work. Then, using simple tools and available materials such as fishing line, coat hangers and thumb tacks, Dr. Woodson demonstrates how to make and play homemade versions. Each participant will get to make an instrument to take home.

Attendance is limited to a total of 150 students at each workshop.

March 13 is now full. 100 seats are available for March 12.

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