Heidi Rodewald
Heidi Rodewald
A Lifesaving Manual
An audio/visual recorded song cycle
Music by Heidi Rodewald
Lyrics by Donna Di Novelli
Sat, May 7, 2022 at 6PM PT
Free with registration

Heidi Rodewald is the Tony Award-nominated and Obie Award-winning co-composer of the 2008 Broadway musical Passing Strange. Her newest project, A Lifesaving Manual, samples words and phrases from versions of The American Red Cross Lifesaving and Water Safety Manuals published over the last century and recomposes them into an audiovisual meditation on the evolution of concepts such as aid, safety, and care. This Lifesaving Manual departs from the certainty of the original text, for how could any one set of instructions save us in this contemporary moment? But some of the lessons and methods do endure. A Lifesaving Manual, with direction by Debra Levine, visual composition by Josh Higgason, and vocals by David Driver, Rodewald and Stew visualizes a passage that refigures and reorients the individual body’s relationship to others and to the natural world. A Lifesaving Manual questions the skills and modes of attunement we need in the service of lifesaving, and it asks: how might we care for ourselves, our environment, and each other now, under these extraordinary and uncertain conditions?

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