L.A. Omnibus
L.A. Omnibus

Online tickets on sale September 1st.

Los Angeles is an unexpected barrage of discovery, a gumbo of civilization, a gamble. This year, our Words & Ideas program migrates into our public engagement space, with a series of special events with Los Angeles-based artists, writers and thinkers called L.A. Omnibus. Deriving inspiration from the Latin meaning of Omnibus, “for all,” the series explores how this unique, vibrant city is continually re-making itself. L.A. is not only about where we live, it is about how we live—the symbolism of the palm tree, the billboard, the drive-through, the ocean. The landscape of L.A. is sculpted by our unique light, which illuminates the everyday into a multifaceted, dynamic community—a place for everyone. Stay tuned for a schedule and details on how you can participate.

Funds provided by the Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Lectureship Fund and the Sally & William A. Rutter Endowment for the Performing Arts.

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