L.A. Omnibus
L.A. Omnibus

Los Angeles is an unexpected barrage of discovery, a gumbo, a gamble — a gateway. This is the second year of our L.A. Omnibus series, a forum for writers, thinkers, artists, and activists to share ideas, pose questions and explore solutions. Deriving inspiration from the Latin meaning of omnibus, “for all,” these conversations, films, and activities explore how our unique city is shifting, settling and re-making itself. LA is not only about where we live, it is about how we live, how we fit together in a place that is often at odds with its human inhabitants.

In a plaza in downtown L.A., the poet Robert Creeley wrote these words, chiseled in stone:

If I sit here long enough, all will pass me by one way or another

What's still here settles at the edges of this simple place still waiting to be seen…

Stay tuned for details, more stories are on the way…

Funds provided by the Arthur E. Guedel Memorial Lectureship Fund and the Sally & William A. Rutter Endowment for the Performing Arts.

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