My Special World Workshop  Sakai Flamenco
My Special World Workshop
Sakai Flamenco

Grades 2-4
Wed, Jan 23 at 10:15AM & 11:30AM
Thu, Jan 24 at 10:15AM & 11:30AM
Royce Hall Rehearsal Room

Through the haunting melodies of the Spanish guitar, the soul-stirring deep song of the Gypsies, and the driving rhythms of the dancers' footwork, Sakai Flamenco draws students into the history, cultural traditions, lifestyle and evolution of Flamenco.

With three dancers led by Linda "La Matadora" Andrade, a vocalist,and a guitarist, this interactive program invites audience members to explore the stylistic movement, footwork and rhythmic clapping that form the roots of Flamenco as an art form.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are offering a total of 4 workshops with Sakai Flamenco.  Be sure to select the date and time you would like to attend on the RSVP form.  

LIMITED CAPACITY!  Maximum attendance at each workshop is 120.

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