Artist Support Initiatives

The performing arts economy in the U.S. rests on a model where people come together for a shared experience that is created as a social, cultural and artistic exchange. Reserving one’s seat to the event is usually through the purchase of a ticket. Ticket sales make up 50-70% of the programming budget for most not-for-profit performing arts organizations. 

The financial compensation for the artist, the production crew, the venue and all associated costs are based upon an organization such as CAP UCLA ensuring that these essential expenses will be looked after no matter what the attendance and revenues are. Our commitment is up front, assured and contractually agreed upon.

With well over half of our financial support eviscerated, we still have a cultural bottom-line to tend to. This is what we have set out to sustain above all. What artists from extraordinarily diverse communities can build together, change together, make more just together and sustain together is the legacy of CAP UCLA’s value-based and expressively amplified continuity.