Naming Opportunities

The UCLA Nimoy Theater will offer donors inspiring opportunities for recognition of their generosity.


The sensitively designed and renovated interior will be a flexible performance space that supports emerging contemporary practice across all disciplines, and will be the soul of the UCLA Nimoy Theater.


The expansive lobby will establish the atmosphere of the theater experience, welcoming guests and creating anticipation for upcoming performances; it will be large enough to accommodate all guests pre- and post-performance.


Prominently located and highly visible, the bar will offer casual food and beverage choices—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic—for pre- and post-show audiences.

The Lounge

An upstairs space and balcony will offer an intimate and exclusive setting for VIPs and patrons before, during or after a performance. 


The Bridge

A small balcony at the rear of the interior will create a flexible and intimate space for VIP patrons during events and will also be a possible location for sound-mix station, special lighting or other equipment.

Green room

The green room and adjacent spaces will comfortably accommodate an 18-person company as they rehearse, prepare and dress for a performance as well as create a relaxed lounge for post-performance.


A concert grand piano will be used for music programs of all types – jazz, contemporary, global and roots.  

Artist entrance

A dedicated artist entrance at the rear of the theater will give direct access to the green room for artists and their special guests.

Box office

A new box office will face the busy sidewalk of Westwood Boulevard and will serve both will call and on-site sales customers.

Dressing room

A small dressing room will provide artists space to dress and prepare for performances.

Restrooms (9)

New gender-neutral restrooms will be located upstairs near the reception area.

Fixed seats (128)

The Auditorium will accommodate up to 299 seats, with 128 permanently fixed and raked seats, each of which can be named for a lover of contemporary performing arts.  

Endowed program funds
minimum $100,000

Named funds will provide support in perpetuity for contemporary performing arts programs presented in The Nimoy.

Fellows Award
minimum $250,000

Named and endowed Fellows Awards will support a three-year creative development platform for master practitioners to create and present work over several main stage presentations.

minimum $100,000

Named and endowed residencies will support artist residencies for local, national and international artists to develop new work in CAP UCLA spaces and with access to CAP UCLA expertise.

Technology fund

A named and endowed technology fund will provide an annual budget to allow The Nimoy to remain state-of-the-art into the future.


Program inception fund

Contributions to a program inception fund will support ambitious and dynamic programming for the first three years of The Nimoy.

Technology fund

Contributions to the technology fund will support the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment for The Nimoy when it opens.

Sustainability fund      

Contributions to the sustainability fund will help ensure that The Nimoy is as green as it can be.