online stage

With artist mobility curtailed worldwide, US Embassies closed for visa processing and quarantine periods all but assured ⁠— CAP UCLA has undertaken a bold response for driving our remaining resources into supporting the projects created by our most immediately impacted artists.

Rather than cancel, postpone and continuously reschedule dates into the uncertain future, we have directed our resources into filming all of our fully staged performances in whatever circumstance makes sense ⁠— at Royce with no live audience, at the treasured venues of their places of origin or in the intimate locales possible for performers, production crew and filmmakers where the health and safety requirements best align.

These are not from the CAP UCLA video-archives⁠ — they are tailor-made performance experiences created for an on-line stage. All of the artists will be present before, during and after to engage with the online audience regardless of time-zones and there are going to be brilliant surprises, mistakes and changes along the way.

L.A. Omnibus: Constance Hockaday, Daniel Alexander Jones & Kristina Wong

Forced Entertainment: Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare: At Home

Meshell Ndegeocello: Chapter and Verse: The Gospel of James Baldwin

The Tune In Festival

The People Speak

Quinteto Astor Piazzolla: En 3x4

Perla Batalla: Discoteca Batalla

L.A. Omnibus: Donna Rifkind<

Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE: Grace @ 20

Piano Sonata by Phillip Glass

Kid Koala: Music to Draw To 

600 HIGHWAYMEN: A Thousand Ways

L.A. Omnibus: Lynell George

Charles Lloyd: Kindred Spirits

L.A. Omnibus: Omar Offendum