Poet in your life

For the past eight years, we have been engaged in a multidisciplinary poetry initiative, where we ask our UCLA and LA communities to consider the question, "Who is the poet in your life?" Activities include open mics, readings, salons and performances, workshops and panels, a continuing Live Poetry Bureau; and the publication of 2,000 mini-books of original poems.

Check this page for upcoming poetry activities, and visit our blog at poetinyourlife.tumblr.com to share your thoughts, recommend a poet, share a poem, or write one yourself.

"Poetry is everywhere. It just needs editing." —James Tate

April is National Poetry Month and we're posting a poem a day from the CAP UCLA Poetry Bureau Archives. Check out this link to read all the poems! (click on the upper right corner arrow to go directly to the page, or click on each box below to read the poem)

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To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee/One clover and a bee/And revelry/The revelry alone will do/If bees are few.
—Emily Dickinson, To Make A Prairie (1755).

With more time for long walks and gardening, we’ve all noticed the feathered flurry all around us. In honor of Earth Day and National Poetry Month, we thought it might be nice to focus on the poetry of birds. Here's a poem inspired by birds, written last April, at our on-line Poetry Bureau. Grab some paper and make some art with this all ages activity that celebrates our planet’s flying friends.

The great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was a master of the ode. He believed in the poetry of ordinary things: artichokes, socks, scissors read some of Neruda's odes on our Tumblr page. Some of our staff wrote odes with illustrations, maybe you'll be inspired to download our Ode Activity Guide, this is a great activity to do with your kids — honoring these simple things make up the choreography of our everyday lives. Happy writing!

Last April 2020, in the midst of the pandemic the CAP UCLA Poetry Bureau went on-line and received over one hundred requests for original poems! In this year of being apart, it seems like poetry was one way to bring us together. If you would like an original poem, fill out our request form, we'd love to send you some words of comfort.