Royce Reads

Have you encountered our Pop-Up Library in the West Lobby of Royce Hall, or in other spots across campus? This traveling installation is home to a book exchange, browsing library, artist talks, art-making activities, and exhibitions. In partnership with our colleagues at UCLA Library and Special Collections there are often books and special items from the Library’s vast collection that offer insights into themes that CAP artists are exploring on our stages.

Listen to music, view archival footage, experience a research guide, mingle, share ideas or just sit and read quietly.

Feel free to take a book, or bring a book to share. If you would like to donate interesting books for the book exchange, email us at

Shakespeare and UCLA

In conjunction with our presentation of Forced Entertainment's Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare/At Home, we've been collaborating with some of our UCLA Library Partners to feature texts, talks, links and resources related to the Bard.  Click here for a resource guide for all 36 plays, assembled by Matt Johnson, Librarian for English and History at UCLA Library. And, if that isn't enough — our colleagues at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library have prepared a feast of materials from their extensive collection of rare manuscripts and Shakespeare-related materials. Follow the links below to dive deeper into the Clark Collection!

About The Collection

In fall 2009 Paul Chrzanowski, a physicist and bibliophile in California, donated his collection of seventy-two early English books to the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library. Nine additional titles followed in 2014, and twenty-one more in 2018. 

Paul Chrzanowski set out nearly thirty years ago to acquire texts that Shakespeare likely read or could have read in some form. Some are identified as source books that Shakespeare used to write his plays; many are not but remain important to the development of the English language and literature as well as societal changes in the English Tudor period in which Shakespeare lived. This important collection includes older literary texts by Boccaccio, Gower, and Chaucer; English translations of classical works and European poetry, including Plutarch, Tasso, and Ariosto; and works of immediate predecessors and contemporaries such as Sydney, Spenser, Marlowe, Jonson, and Drayton. The Chrzanowski Collection is also strong in religious texts—from pre-Reformation Catholic treatises to English Bibles and a Book of Common Prayer. Read more about the Collection and access a title list here.

Talks/Manuscripts/Other Fun Stuff

In November 2019, the Clark Library and Center for 17th- and 18th-Century Studies hosted conference,  “Early Modern Bibliophilia: A Celebration of the Crzanowski Collection.” Bringing together scholars, librarians, booksellers, and students, the organizers have made the papers, and Paul Chrzanowski’s closing remarks, available. Click here to dive into the full program, and access the talks and presentations!

Other Clark collections that may be of interest include pre-1640 quarto editions of Shakespeare’s plays, and forgeries of Shakespeare’s annotations