Los Angeles Performance Practice

This season marks the first inclusion of a curatorial artist in residence at the Center, with Miranda Wright and Los Angeles Performance Practice. Our goal is to provide time and space for the incubation and progression of new work from a like-minded local and emerging curatorial voice.

This ongoing residency give CAP UCLA the opportunity to simultaneously support younger artists working in L.A., and to learn more about their practice and purpose. Our hope is to discover where our mission and vision overlaps with these artists, and explore we might be able to collaborate as artists and presenters of contemporary performance within the LA arts community.

In August of 2015, LAPP was in residence in the Royce Hall rehearsal room with the artists from local collective Cloud Eye Control, in continuing development of their latest work Half Life, which premiered at Redcat in January and goes on tour this fall. Cloud Eye Control is a collaborative performance group comprised of three members: Chi-wang Yang, Miwa Matreyek, and Anna Oxygen. They create original works that uniquely combine interactive media with live performance.

More projects and artists will take up residency throughout the season. We'll keep this page updated and share opportunities for work-in-progress viewings and other intersections with the artists. 


Los Angeles Performance Practice (LAPP) is a producing organization and artists’ network dedicated to supporting Los Angeles’ unique contemporary performance community. Founded by Miranda Wright in 2010, it is comprised of independent artists who create groundbreaking theatrical experiences through innovative approaches to collaboration, technology, and social engagement. By contributing to a shared knowledge, resources, and conversational critique; artists within this network will transform the cultural landscape of Los Angeles and beyond.

Under the direction of producers Miranda Wright and Rachel Scandling, LAPP produces new work that is socially relevant and aesthetically innovative, taking the lead from artists in the greater Los Angeles area. Artists within this network include Cloud Eye Control, Janie Geiser, Lars Jan & Early Morning Opera, Jennie MaryTai Liu & Grand Lady Dance House, Miwa Matreyek, and Zoe Aja Moore.

In 2013, Los Angeles Performance Practice launched the inaugural Live Arts Exchange (LAX) Festival in partnership with the Bootleg Theater. The LAX Festival is entering its third year, providing a critical opportunity for LA-based artists to present original work and engage with other artists and presenters from around the country.

In addition to producing and presenting work emerging from the West Coast, LAPP will also launch a new network of artist services later this year. Services will include consultations for audience development, marketing & visibility, fundraising, and career management. This network will also provide opportunities for artist-driven conversation about our field, and peer-to-peer critique.