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Artist vision. Undiluted. So reads the credo of Tzadik, visionary composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and MacArthur Fellow John Zorn’s not-for-profit cooperative record label. Zorn’s impact on contemporary music worldwide is immeasurable. After a whirlwind year celebrating his 60th birthday last year, his vision is more vital and relentlessly prolific than ever. Zorn’s remarkably diverse aesthetic draws inspiration from art, literature, film, theater, philosophy, alchemy, and mysticism.

Zorn will perform for the first time in Los Angeles in over 25 years as we host a Marathon series of events on Saturday, May 2nd: Zorn at LAMCA, Royce Hall Triple Threat and The Hermetic Organ.

“I used to look at composing music as problem solving. But as I get older, it’s not about problem solving anymore. There are no solutions, because there are no problems. You just turn the tap and it flows out.” ~ John Zorn
Zorn at LACMA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
full performance schedule
Sat, May 2 -10am - 3pm

Ten different ensembles - consisting of solo instrumentalists, duos, vocal trios and string quartets - featuring JACK Quartet, Kenny Wollesen, Dave Lombardo, William Winant, Tony Arnold and more will perform ten selections from Zorn's vast catalog adjacent to masterworks by Monet, Pollock, Klee and seven others.

FREE with $15 LACMA General Admission
John Zorn: Royce Triple Threat
Royce Hall – Sat, May 2 - 8pm
A power-packed triple bill rock show
Psychomagia performed by Abraxas
Drawing inspiration from the magical writings of Giordano Bruno and Alejandro Jodorowsky, Zorn recorded Psychomagia with Abraxas - a NYC quartet consisting of Aram Bajakian and Eyal Maoz on electric guitars, Kenny Grohowski on drums and Shanir Blumenkranz on electric bass/gimbri – who will perform the composition live. New York Music Daily states "…fans of traditional surf music are going to love it; at the same time, it’s so deliciously evil in places that the most cynical Yo La Tengo diehards might be caught drooling" 

Masada Book Two performed by Secret Chiefs 3
Zorn began composing Masada in the early ’90s, exploring his own roots and expanding the idea of Jewish music through a songbook that linked the language of klezmer and the rollicking free-jazz of Ornette Coleman. Now totaling 613 compositions, the Masada Songbook is a masterwork of overwhelming proportions. Secret Chiefs 3 - an experimental band from northern California who have been a part of Zorn’s collaborative circle for years – consists of visionary guitarist/composer Trey Spruance (formerly of Mr. Bungle and Faith No More), Eyvind Kang on violin, Ches Smith on drums, Jason Schimmel on guitar, Matt Lebofsky on keyboards and Toby Driver on bass.

Bladerunner (John Zorn, Bill Laswell & Dave Lombardo)
Not for the faint of heart, Bladerunner sees Zorn joined by legendary bass player and producer Bill Laswell along with heavy metal drumming powerhouse Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Fantômas). The band plays with notorious ferocity while still expressing incredible range. From frenetic, high-energy outbursts to solemn passages of introspection, calculated improvisation rules.
The Hermetic Organ - solo organ improvisations
Royce Hall - Sat, May 2 - 11:59pm
Following a brief intermission after Royce Hall Triple Threat
Although organ was Zorn’s first instrument (he often credits Lon Chaney in The Phantom of the Opera as a primal influence), in 2011 the saxophone great surprised even his hardcore fans by initiating a new series of solo organ concerts in churches around the world. The music is breathtaking, and distinguished by a spiritual mood that only a huge pipe organ like Royce Hall’s Skinner can create. A perfect outlet for Zorn’s dramatic sense of color and contrast, this performance reveals the composer’s mind at work in all its permutations.
Full LACMA performance schedule:
10:00am - Assyrian Reliefs from Nimrud
KINAN IDNAWI performing “Masada: The Book of Angels” (2004)
10:30am - European Sculpture
11:00am - Rembrandt “The Raising of Lazarus” and “Portrait of Marten Looten”
JACK QUARTET  performing “The Alchemist” (2011)
11:30am - Egyptian Mummy Room
“The Clavicle of Solomon” (pre-recorded) (2002) 
12:00pm - Monet “Nympheas”
KENNY WOLLESEN and CAROL EMANUEL performing “The Gnostic Preludes (2011)”
12:30pm - Paul Klee “Untitled”
CHRIS OTTO and KEVIN MCFARLAND performing “Zeitgehoft” (2013)
1:00pm - Jackson Pollock “Black and White Number 20”
JOHN ZORN and DAVE LOMBARDO performing “Duo Improvisation”
1:30pm - Joseph Cornell “The Trajectory of Ursa Major“ and “untitled”
KEVIN McFARLAND performing “Untitled for Joseph Cornell” (1999)
2:00pm - Art of the Pacific Gallery
WILLIAM WINANT and NAVA DUNKELMAN performing “Dark River” (1995) and “Gri-Gri” (2000)
2:30pm - Tony Smith “Smoke”
JACK QUARTET with TONY ARNOLD performing “Pandora’s Box” (2013)