Artists In Residence

Our Artist Residency Program provides local and national artists creative time and necessary space for the development of new work. This season we welcome three new residents to the program.


2016-17 Artists In Residence

Los Angeles Performance Practice

Miranda Wright and Los Angeles Performance Practice continue their residency in the upcoming season, as the Center provides a developmental platform to explore and progress new work from like-minded local artists. 2015/16 participating artists included: Cloud Eye Control, Janie Geiser with Cassia Streb and John Eagle, Jennie Liu and Grand Lady Dance House, Zoe Aja Moore, Ryat, and Greg Wohead. Artists worked on projects ranging from early-stage experimentation to post-premiere exploration.

Ate9 Dance Company

Ate9 will be in residence developing their newest piece, Calling Glenn. Exploring the intersections of intimacy, communication and daily routine in today’s world, the piece is a collaboration between Ate9’s Artistic Director Danielle Agami, and Wilco band member and composer, Glenn Kotche.

Poor Dog Group

Poor Dog Group’s latest project, Group Therapy is a living documentary performance work centered on the inner workings of PDG as they commit to clinical therapy. Taken from audio recordings of 20 hours of real therapy, the group reenacts the recordings while extemporaneous confrontations explore the truth behind what is unspoken. Having met when they were eighteen years old, the group has now been making art together for over a decade. This new theater work transforms the “company we keep” into medicinal live art.

Specific opportunities to view and interact with these residency projects will take shape throughout the season, sign up for our bi-weekly email newsletter for work-in-progress showings and other intersections with the artists.

“Performance doesn’t just magically appear on a stage. Behind every work, there are years of creative development, months of rehearsal and a continual pursuit of support."

- Kristy Edmunds


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