Council Leadership

CAP UCLA Executive Producer Council

The Executive Producer Council is CAP UCLA’s philanthropic leadership group that develops and contributes resources vital to the center’s programming and mission. The council comprises individuals who champion the creative development, presentation and public dialogue with contemporary performing artists by providing direct support for the center’s annual programming. They are engaged in the artistic and curatorial practices that inform the annual programs, long-term initiatives and collaborative planning efforts that stand at the heart of CAP UCLA’s mission and public purpose.

Marla Mayer, President
Chris Ahearn
Sarah Arison
J. Ben Bourgeois
James Costa
John S. Couch
Mariana Dietl
Vance Garrett
Fariba Ghaffari
Murray Hidary

Georgina Huljich
Diane Levine
Renee Luskin
Benjamin Palmer
Melissa Rivers
Alan M. Schwartz
Stephanie Snyder

The Executive Producer Council of UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance wishes to thank the leadership of the Royce Center Circle board and its past presidents: Erin Edwards Irell (1976–9), Marilyn Ehrman (1979–82), Jim Rissmiller (1982–4), Dr. Rudi Mattoni (1984–6), Roy H. Aaron (1986–8), Rosalind Millstone (1988–90), Marilouise Zager (1990–2), Ginny Mancini (1993–8), Alice Tulchin (1998–2001), Toby Waldorf (2001–3), Dean V. Ambrose (2003–5), William B. Fitzgerald (2005–9), Alan M. Schwartz (2009–2012) and Deborah Irmas (2012–5).

In memoriam
Ginny Mancini

Design for Sharing (DFS) Council 

The Design for Sharing Council is a group of dedicated volunteers who help to resource the programs of Design for Sharing. DFS is CAP UCLA’s free K–12 arts education program. Since 1969 DFS has been making the performing arts at UCLA an accessible and inspirational part of children’s lives. Each year, thousands of students from public schools across Los Angeles participate in our interactive and educational arts experiences, engaging with artists and exploring their own creativity through performances, workshops or in-class residency activities.

Stephanie Snyder, President
Diane Applebaum
Ruth Bachofner
Linda Essakow
Billie Fischer
Joanne V. C. Knopoff
Martha Koplin
Diane Levine
Muriel Fine Sherman
Anne-Marie Spataru
Bonnie Taub

Lifetime honorary council members
Phyllis Johnson Adelman
Marjore Chronister
Barbara Dobkin
Carol Greines
Leona Mattoni
Theodora Carras
Primes David S. Rodes

In memoriam
Mrs. Herbert Witherspoon, Founder 
Mimi Perloff, Co-founder