About the Center

Mission: UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance (CAP UCLA) is dedicated to the advancement of the contemporary performing arts in all disciplines — dance, music, spoken word and theater, as well as emerging digital, collaborative and cross-platforms — by leading artists from around the globe.

Our mission aligns with UCLA’s mission of education, research and civic engagement by providing cultural, experiential programs that provoke inquiry and facilitate connection and creativity.

Impact: Guided by our special relationship to both UCLA and the greater metropolitan area, CAP UCLA facilitates the exchange of art and ideas between artists and the community. With over fifty public programs each year, CAP UCLA has a significant impact on the cultural life of Los Angeles: fostering interdisciplinary collaborations across campus and the city and providing an artistic home for international work that would not otherwise come to L.A. We encourage audiences, community members and students of all ages to go beyond the traditional experience of observing an arts event and become active participants in the creative process.

Artistic Impact
Educational/Community Impact

Our Values Statement:
There is no room for racism.

ANYWHERE - not on our stages, in our offices, on our loading docks, in the box office lines, or on the dance floor.

WITH ANYONE - not with our staff, crew, artists, volunteers, ushers, audiences or fans.

We uphold and embrace principles of antiracism, equity, diversity and authentic inclusion as integral to our mission.

We must empower the historically underrepresented. 

We must uplift excluded voices.

We must resist structural racism.

We will commit fiercely to our responsibility to observe, absorb, consider, contemplate, endure, share and engage in this change.

There is no room for discrimination, intolerance or inequity. We stand against all forms of discrimination and look forward to furthering our work towards making our organization more equitable.

As part of the UCLA’s School of Art & Architecture ecosystem (SOAA), we, UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance (CAP UCLA) and Theater Management Services (TMS), serve to connect and create space for the arts and for all communities. We acknowledge our organizations’ histories as being predominantly white institutions. We are now facing these uncomfortable truths and we are working to make the deep changes necessary to eliminate this systemic racism, dismantle any existing oppressive structures and pledge to transform the organizational dynamics in our work culture and business practices. There will be shortcomings that we will face head on, and we commit to staying fluid and adapting to changes as often as they come. It is only in an improved, supportive work environment that everyone can be present as their true authentic selves.

Together we stand with UCLA’s School of Art and Architecture’s EDI statement.