Students with microphone asking questions

Back to school and back to the arts

Each year, thousands of K-12 students have the opportunity to be moved by live music, dance or theater with an array of CAP UCLA artists and L.A.-based creators working and teaching within our communities.

With Los Angeles public schools back in session and a new season on the horizon, Design for Sharing is gearing up to get young people back in Royce Hall for the first time since 2020!

The 2022-23 Design for Sharing season launches later this month with artists that share global vision and local roots: L.A.’s own Extra Ancestral and CONTRA-TIEMPO. Featuring multiple percussionists, strings, horns, and powerful ancestral dances, Extra Ancestral will get our upper elementary and middle school crowd moving with Afrobeat, Reggae, Jazz, Salsa, and traditional African musical forms. The following week, activist dance theater company CONTRA-TIEMPO will share their inspiring take on joy as the ultimate act of resistance with our teen audiences.

Antonio Sanchez at DFS event

Later in the season, students will experience performances or workshops with artists like Antonio Sánchez (pictured above with High School band students at his last DFS appearance) Israel Galván, Get Lit! and more.

We know that the arts have the power to unlock our own empathy and creativity, allowing us to learn from each other in meaningful ways. It’s always a privilege to open the doors of our venues to the young people of our city. We’ve been doing it since 1969!

In a few weeks when the first busloads of kids pull up to campus and make their way into Royce Hall, we’ll be meeting them with extra gratitude — for the artists that make time to inspire the next generation, for the educators that make space for the arts, and the supporters that make our work possible.

Find out more about Design for Sharing, and how you can be part of our tradition of sharing. Join DFS supporters at our free community celebration on the Royce Hall Terrace on September 29, featuring al fresco food and drinks, and an interactive performance by CONTRA-TIEMPO.